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Criminal Law Specialist

What Does It Mean To Be A Certified Legal Specialist In Arizona?

The Arizona Board of Legal Specialization identifies lawyers who have demonstrated superior knowledge, skill, integrity, professionalism and competence in a specific area of law, to better serve the public. The Board certifies attorneys in eight areas of law. To obtain certification, lawyers must meet specific requirements.

What are the general requirements for Board Certification?

To qualify for certification, an attorney must:

  • Be licensed to practice law for at least 5 years (7 years for criminal and real estate certification)
  • Be licensed in Arizona for at least 2 years
  • Devote the equivalent of 50% of a full-time law practice in the specialty field
  • Handle a specific number of cases in the specialty field
  • Demonstrate integrity, professionalism and a high degree of competence in the specialty field
  • Receive favorable peer review from attorneys, judges or other professionals in the specialty field
  • Pass a written examination

How many attorneys are currently certified?

Out of a total State Bar membership of more than 17,500 active members, less than 95 Arizona attorneys are Board Certified Criminal Law Specialists. Of that 95 there are less than 60 Criminal Defense Specialists in Maricopa County.

How long does an attorney remain certified?

Certification is for a period of 5 years, after which time the attorney may apply for recertification. Attorneys must demonstrate that they meet the requirements of continuing legal education and substantial involvement in the specialty field on an ongoing basis.

How do you know whether an attorney is certified?

A certified attorney is entitled to:

  • Indicate certification on business cards and letterhead
  • Display the certificate awarded by the Board of Legal Specialization
  • List the certification in legal directories and telephone listings

For a listing of certified specialists, please call 602-340-7239 or visit and look under Legal Resources.

Accused of a Crime in Phoenix or the Valley?

Being charged with a misdemeanor, such as Driving Under the Influence (DUI), or a felony, like vehicular manslaughter, may seriously impact your life. Even after you pay the fine and do the time your conviction could stick with you for the rest of your life – preventing you from getting a job, a degree or a loan. You may even lose your privilege to drive, vote or own a gun.

Your best chance of positively impacting your future is to place your trust in a skilled Board Certified Criminal Defense Specialist who will fight for the best possible outcome in your case. Mr. Pajerski will study the facts in your case and apply the most current Arizona criminal law to find and implement the best possible defense strategy. Whether your case is dismissed, settled or taken to trial, Mr. Pajerski will be looking for the best result for you over the long term.

Our Promise To You:

“I promise individual attention to your case. I understand the impact of being charged with a crime and I will not take your case if I cannot devote the time and attention you deserve. You will always be able to know what is happening in your case. I will tirelessly apply my extensive knowledge of the law to facts of your case and fight for your rights each step of the way.”


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