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If you're charged with reckless driving in Phoenix, it's important to have a lawyer who is an expert in criminal defense laws. A skilled attorney can help defend your rights. Attorney Chad Pajerski is a board-certified criminal defense specialist with over 20 years of experience. Protect your rights by contacting us immediately for a free case evaluation.
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In Phoenix, Arizona, being accused of reckless driving isn't merely a passing concern; it's a considerable legal hurdle with serious penalties. These charges can have many adverse legal consequences, including potential incarceration. When faced with this challenge, the expertise and representation of an attorney specializing in traffic violations can be pivotal. This counsel could be the difference between a full-fledged conviction and a more manageable outcome, such as reduced charges or a dismissal.

Contacting a criminal defense attorney is essential if you're facing a reckless driving charge in Phoenix, AZ. Attorney Chad Pajerski is a board-certified criminal law specialist with over two decades of experience in Arizona's traffic laws. Our law firm has always stood out, not merely for its legal insight but for its unwavering commitment to crafting defenses tailored to each client's specific circumstances. When the stakes are sky-high, turning to Pajerski Law for a competent, diligent, and professional representation is a decision you won't regret. Don't hesitate – schedule your free consultation with us today.

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What is Reckless Driving in Arizona?

As outlined in ARS § 28-693, Arizona law views reckless driving as any vehicular operation demonstrating a "reckless disregard for the safety of individuals or property." The ambiguity surrounding "reckless disregard" implies that the court– a jury or judge – holds the interpretation, determining if a driver's actions align with criminal recklessness.

Conceptually, "recklessness" is a blatant oversight of clear and inexcusable risk. This behavior should differ from what an average driver might show under similar circumstances, marking it as gross negligence.

Historical judicial verdicts in Arizona provide examples of what is considered reckless driving. Convictions have been upheld in scenarios like:

  • Speeding recklessly in areas dense with pedestrians.
  • Ignoring road signage and driving against the designated flow on either main roads or one-way streets.
  • Dramatic and unpredictable vehicular maneuvers, such as sharp swerving, to avoid legally crossing pedestrians.
  • Employing one's vehicle to intimidate or harass other drivers or pedestrians.
  • Engaging in aggressive driving antics, such as tailgating or sudden braking, to disconcert trailing drivers.

Penalties For Reckless Driving Charges in Arizona

Arizona's stance on reckless driving is uncompromising, with hefty penalties even for first-time offenders.

For those experiencing their first brush with a reckless driving conviction, they're looking at:

  • A possible jail term lasting up to four months.
  • Probationary periods stretch up to two years, including strict conditions.
  • Fines that can reach up to $750.
  • A driving license suspension for up to 90 days.

Prior offenses can worsen these penalties. Specifically, if one has a previous DUI, vehicular manslaughter, or reckless driving conviction within the last 24 months, the legal repercussions intensify. Now, the charge catapults to a Class 1 misdemeanor, carrying the following consequences:

  • A minimum jail term of 20 days, potentially extending up to six months.
  • Fines escalating to $2,500.
  • Lengthier probation periods, potentially up to three years.
  • A complete one-year driving license suspension.

Beyond these legal sanctions, every reckless driving conviction tarnishes one's driving record, raising points that could skyrocket insurance premiums. Professional consequences can't be ignored either, as convictions must be revealed during job applications, possibly slowing career progress.

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Contact a Reckless Driving Defense Attorney in Phoenix

If reckless driving charges loom over you in Phoenix, Arizona, it's essential to contact a criminal defense attorney immediately. With Pajerski Law, you're not merely hiring a lawyer; you're aligning with a legal veteran, Chad Pajerski, with years of courtroom battles under his belt. Your rights will be at the forefront, defended tenaciously.

Our determined commitment to protecting your rights and securing a favorable outcome is what sets us apart in Arizona. If you or someone close faces a reckless driving charge in Arizona, now is the moment to act. Get in touch and lay the foundation for your defense by scheduling a free consultation with us.

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