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If you're charged with drug trafficking in Phoenix, it's important to have a lawyer who is an expert in criminal defense laws. A skilled attorney can help defend your rights. Attorney Chad Pajerski is a board-certified criminal defense specialist with over 20 years of experience. Protect your rights by contacting us immediately for a free case evaluation.
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The legal landscape surrounding drug offenses in Arizona is quite complex, especially regarding drug trafficking. While many may perceive drug trafficking as smuggling or importing illegal substances across borders, Arizona's definition extends beyond this concept. Arizona laws are far-reaching, including smuggling drugs across borders and possessing amounts that exceed established thresholds. These charges can create many uncertainties, making it crucial to have a staunch ally who understands the process of the Arizona legal system.

 If you or a loved one has been charged with drug trafficking in Phoenix, Arizona, please contact attorney Chad Pajerski. Drawing upon his expertise as a Criminal Defense Attorney in Phoenix, Chad Pajerski provides an individualized client-attorney experience that focuses on the specific details of your case. Whether you're confronting penalties for marijuana amounts that surpass the two-pound threshold or grappling with more severe narcotics charges, Chad’s board-certified specialization in criminal law means you’re enlisting one of Arizona’s top legal minds to defend your rights. 

Our law firm is committed to personalized attention, ensuring every client’s case gets the focus it deserves, and it becomes evident why choosing Pajerski Law is pivotal in your journey for justice. Don't navigate the Arizona legal system and drug trafficking charges alone; allow Chad Pajerski to lead your defense toward a brighter future. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation and learn how we can help defend your rights.

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What is Drug Trafficking in Arizona?

The term "drug trafficking" under Arizona law covers a wide range of activities. It doesn't exclusively refer to the transportation or distribution of drugs. Simply possessing a specific quantity of a drug, even if it's meant for personal consumption, could lead to a drug trafficking charge if that quantity exceeds the state-defined threshold.

Arizona Drug Possession Threshold Amounts

Possessing drugs in amounts that surpass these thresholds can quickly escalate a simple possession charge to a more serious trafficking charge. To give more context, here are the defined threshold amounts for commonly trafficked drugs:

  • Marijuana:
    The threshold is set at 2 pounds. Considering that this is quite a significant quantity, it's clear that even non-dealers can get caught up in trafficking charges if they possess large amounts for personal use.
  • LSD:
    A mere 0.5 milliliter, equivalent to about 50 doses, is the threshold. Given the potency of this drug, the low threshold makes sense.
  • Amphetamines and Methamphetamines:
    Both have a threshold of 9 grams. This is relatively low and might easily be breached by heavy users or those purchasing in bulk for extended personal use.
  • PCP:
    The threshold is set at 4 grams or 50 milliliters. Again, given the potency, small amounts can lead to serious charges.
  • Cocaine and Crack cocaine:
    These have thresholds of 9 grams and 750 milligrams, respectively. Given the popularity of these drugs, it's easy to see how individuals might unintentionally surpass these amounts.
  • Heroin:
    With a threshold of just 1 gram, this underscores the state's stance on the severity of heroin offenses.
Additionally, any drug with a value exceeding $1,000 falls under the trafficking purview.

What's crucial to understand is that even without the act of selling or actively distributing these drugs, mere possession exceeding the threshold can lead to a drug trafficking conviction. The consequences? Potentially severe, including extended prison sentences and hefty fines that can cripple an individual financially.

If you are faced with these offenses, it's crucial to act promptly and consult a legal expert to navigate the multifaceted Arizona drug trafficking laws effectively.

Drug Trafficking Penalties in Arizona

The Arizona Revised Statutes (ARS.) Title 13, §§13-3402 to 13-3408, detail the comprehensive landscape of drug trafficking laws in the state. Based on the nature and amount of the drug involved:

  • Trafficking offenses can range from Class 6 to Class 2 felonies. The seriousness of the felony is influenced heavily by the type and amount of drug in question.
  • The maximum prison term across all drug types stands at ten years.

Fines differ based on the drug:

  • Trafficking marijuana may lead to a fine of $750.
  • Prescription drugs or substances classified as "dangerous" can bring a $1,000 fine.
  • Narcotic drugs attract the heftiest fine, set at $2,000.

Such penalties could have far-reaching consequences. Beyond imprisonment, the financial implications can destabilize a person's economic situation and severely hamper their future endeavors and professional growth. Hence, procuring a Phoenix drug trafficking attorney, such as those from MayesTelles, becomes imperative.

Drug Importation & Transportation Penalties in Arizona

Arizona, due to its geographical positioning, sees a substantial amount of illegal substances entering the US from other countries.
The penalties vary depending on the drug and its quantity:

  • Marijuana:
    Possession of less than two pounds qualifies as a Class 3 felony, while possessing two pounds or more escalates to a Class 2 felony (ARS § 13-3405).
  • Narcotic drugs:
    Any quantity, regardless of the amount, is a Class 2 felony (ARS § 13-3408).
  • Dangerous drugs:
    These, too, are classified as a Class 2 felony, irrespective of the quantity (ARS § 13-3407).

Interestingly, drug transportation doesn't only relate to substances coming from other countries. Moving drugs from one state to another within the US also qualifies. Legal representation from an expert like Attorney Chad Pajerski becomes essential.

Drug Smuggling Offenses in Arizona

Drug smuggling, a subcategory of trafficking, zeroes in on the secretive and illicit movement of drugs across country borders.

  • Phoenix lies within the Arizona High-Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA), marking it as a significant entry point for drugs, notably marijuana, methamphetamines, and, to a smaller degree, cocaine and heroin, from Mexico.
  • The confrontation with Mexican drug cartels is primarily intense in the Nogales corridor. This region stands out as a hotspot for marijuana smuggling activities that permeate Arizona.
  • The vast, isolated stretches of Arizona's desert terrain present challenges for law enforcement. Drug carriers often transport up to 100 pounds of marijuana, trekking through these challenging terrains from Mexico to Arizona.

Penalties Specific to Drug Smuggling

Under Title 13, Chapter 34 of the ARS, smuggling is often categorized as "transportation." The penalties, contingent on the drug and its quantity, can range from a Class 2 to Class 3 felony:

  • A Class 2 felony can result in a prison sentence of 3 to 12.5 years, accompanied by fines, mandatory drug tests, and community service. In extreme cases, fines can skyrocket to $500,000.
  • A Class 3 felony can mean a prison duration of 2 to 8.75 years, alongside other punitive measures like fines, drug tests, and community service.
  • If substantial quantities of drugs are smuggled into Arizona, it could attract federal attention, leading to federal drug trafficking charges. These carry their own set of severe penalties, encapsulating extended prison terms and substantial fines.

Considering the complexity and gravity of drug-related charges in Arizona, obtaining legal guidance becomes indispensable. The consequences of convictions are far-reaching, and only with the expertise of seasoned lawyers can one hope to navigate this challenging legal terrain.

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In Arizona's legal system, where drug trafficking charges can cast long shadows on one's future, having the right legal representation is an absolute necessity. Every decision you make post-charge will play a crucial role in shaping the trajectory of your case and, ultimately, your life. By choosing Chad Pajerski at Pajerski Law, you're not just hiring an attorney; you're enlisting a seasoned advocate committed to shielding, guiding, and fighting for you. His track record, elite recognition, and unyielding dedication to his clients make him an invaluable resource.

If you or someone you know is facing drug trafficking charges in Phoenix, Arizona, you must contact Pajerski Law immediately. With the expert guidance of Chad Pajerski, you'll find clarity in a system that can often feel overwhelming. Don't let charges define your future. Stand tall, reach out to Pajerski Law, and take the crucial step towards safeguarding your rights, reputation, and peace of mind. Please contact us today and schedule a free consultation.

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