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If you're charged with first-degree murder in Phoenix, it's crucial to have a lawyer who is an expert in criminal defense laws. A skilled attorney can help to clear your name. Attorney Chad Pajerski is a board-certified criminal defense specialist with over 20 years of experience. Protect your rights by contacting us immediately for a free case evaluation.
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Phoenix First-Degree Murder Defense

In Arizona, the charge of first-degree murder is amongst the most severe criminal allegations an individual can face. Those found guilty can face the death penalty or, at the very least, life imprisonment. The ramifications of such a conviction are profound, not just in terms of the immediate penalties. Convicts face a permanent criminal record, societal ostracization, and a loss of several civic rights. Given these dire consequences, securing experienced legal representation becomes critical for anyone facing this charge.

By choosing Chad Pajerski at Pajerski Law, you're not just hiring an attorney; you're enlisting a seasoned advocate committed to shielding, guiding, and fighting for you. His track record, elite recognition, and unyielding dedication to his clients make him an invaluable resource.

If you or someone you know is charged with a violent crime in Phoenix, Arizona, you must contact Pajerski Law immediately. With the expert guidance of Chad Pajerski, you'll find clarity in a system that can often feel overwhelming. Don't let charges define your future. Stand tall, reach out to Pajerski Law, and take the crucial step towards safeguarding your rights, reputation, and peace of mind. Please contact us today and schedule a free consultation.

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Understanding First-Degree Murder Charges in Arizona

At its core, First-Degree Murder involves an element of premeditation, which means that the accused had formed an intent or plan to kill another individual and then carried out that plan. This aspect of foresight, planning, or deliberation differentiates First-Degree Murder from Second-Degree murder.

Arizona's Felony Murder provision widens the range of First-Degree Murder beyond premeditation. Under this rule, an individual can be charged with First-Degree Murder even without direct intent to kill if a death occurs during the commission or attempt of certain felonies. 

Specifically, in Arizona, these predicate felonies include:

  1. Sexual Assault:
    If a death results during sexual assault or rape, even if the death was unintentional, the perpetrator can be charged with First-Degree Murder.
  1. Kidnapping:
    This includes situations where a person is abducted, restrained against their will, and a death ensues during or after this act.
  1. Arson:
    If someone dies directly from an intentional fire-setting, regardless of whether the perpetrator intended to cause death, they can be charged under the Felony Murder rule.
  1. Child Molestation:
    Similar to sexual assault, if a death results from child molestation, the perpetrator can face a First-Degree Murder charge.
  1. Robbery:
    A situation where property is taken from another, using force or threat, and if a death occurs in this context, it falls under the Felony Murder rule.

Under the Felony Murder doctrine, all participants in the felony can potentially be held responsible for the murder, even if they weren't the direct cause of the victim's death.

Penalties for First-Degree Murder in Arizona

In Arizona, first-degree murder is deemed the most severe of crimes and is classified as a class 1 felony. The state views it with such seriousness that the penalties are designed to be particularly stringent, reflecting the gravity of intentionally and premeditatedly ending another's life. If convicted, the defendant may face:

  • Death Penalty:
    Arizona remains one of the states where capital punishment is an option for first-degree murder cases. A sentence to death is the harshest and most irreversible of punishments.
  • Life Imprisonment without Parole:
    A step below the death penalty, this sentence ensures the convicted individual will spend the entirety of their life in prison without the possibility of ever being released.
  • Life Imprisonment with Parole After 25 Years:
    This allows for the slight possibility of parole but only after a quarter-century of imprisonment. Even after this period, parole is not guaranteed and depends on several factors, including behavior during imprisonment and the circumstances of the original crime.

How Pajerski Law Can Defend Your Rights

Navigating the intricacies of violent crime charges in Phoenix, Arizona, is arduous and demands more than just legal counsel. It calls for a strategic partner deeply acquainted with Arizona's rigorous legal nuances. In this context, Attorney Chad Pajerski of Pajerski Law stands as a beacon of hope and expertise. Here's why hiring Chad Pajerski can be your best defense:

  1. Board-Certified Specialization:
    Pajerski Law is different from your average law firm. They have a laser-focused specialization in criminal defense. Chad Pajerski's distinguished status as a Specialist in Criminal Law by the State Bar of Arizona is a testament to his unparalleled expertise, particularly in handling cases of violent crimes like first-degree murder.
  1. Personalized Defense Strategy:
    Chad Pajerski believes in an individualistic approach. He doesn't just represent you; he partners with you. From the first consultation to the final verdict, Chad delves into every facet of your case, ensuring that the defense strategy resonates with the specific intricacies of your situation.
  1. Direct Communication:
    The journey through a violent crime charge is uncertain. Recognizing this, Chad offers clients direct access via his cell, ensuring that questions are answered promptly, and clients are always informed, fostering a bond of trust and transparency.
  1. Proven Track Record:
    With over two decades in the field, Chad's prowess isn't just theoretical. His outstanding career, marked by numerous successful defenses across a range of charges, ensures that you're backed by proven expertise when you choose Pajerski Law.
  1. Arizona Specific Expertise:
    Arizona's stringent stance on violent crimes demands a defense that's both aggressive and informed. Chad's extensive experience within Arizona ensures he's equipped with tactical strategies to evade the prosecution's advances.

In the grim aftermath of a first-degree murder charge, your choice of legal representation is pivotal. With Chad Pajerski and Pajerski Law, you're not merely hiring an attorney; you're enlisting a relentless advocate dedicated to safeguarding your rights and future. Your defense becomes his mission, combining unparalleled legal understanding with genuine concern for your well-being.

Chad is your lawyer.
You will not be handed off to an associate attorney
Experienced working with all Phoenix courts.
Each court & judge require different communication styles in order to achieve the best outcome.
Patient, professional and sympathetic.
Criminal defense Law issues can be emotional and stressful. Chad is your advocate.
Knowledgeable counsel on your legal strategy.
Chad Pajerski is a passionate defender of his client's rights.
Quality & affordable representation.
Take comfort in knowing that you will never be price gouged for our high standards of service.

Contact an Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney in Phoenix

The consequences for a First-Degree Murder conviction in Arizona are profound, often resulting in life imprisonment or even the death penalty in certain circumstances. Given the severity of the penalties and the complex legal definitions surrounding First-Degree Murder, it's urgent for anyone facing such charges to seek experienced legal counsel. Understanding the unique details of Arizona law and having an advocate can be the defining factor in defending your rights.

If you have been charged with a violent crime in Phoenix, Arizona, you must contact Pajerski Law immediately. With the expert guidance of Chad Pajerski, you'll find clarity in a system that can often feel overwhelming. Don't let charges define your future. Stand tall, reach out to Pajerski Law, and take the crucial step towards safeguarding your rights, reputation, and peace of mind. Please contact us today and schedule a free consultation.

Criminal Defense Attorney Chad Pajerski
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