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  • Criminal Law Specialist: 20+ Years Experience

    There are currently less than 65 Criminal Law Specialists practicing in Maricopa County because of the demanding and difficult certification criteria. In order to qualify as a Specialist, an attorney must demonstrate the highest standards in experience, judgment, effectiveness, professionalism, and ethics. Furthermore, the Specialist must exhibit the highest degree of competence in the practice of Criminal Law.

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  • D.U.I. Defense

    If you have been arrested for driving under the influence in Arizona, it’s in your best interest to retain the services of the best DUI defense attorney in Phoenix. Not only are your legal rights and freedom in jeopardy, but you also stand to face a number of serious legal penalties. If convicted, you could be required to pay large fines, lose your driver’s license. In addition, you are required to spend no less than 24 hours in jail.

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  • Arizona MVD Hearings

    The MVD hearing is your opportunity to fight for your right to drive. Pajerksi Law recognizes the importance of being able to maintain your motor vehicle previledges and will agressively represent your rights in MVD Hearings.

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Pajerski Law is a boutique law firm that specializes in Criminal Defense Cases with an emphasis on D.U.I. and vehicular assault/homicide defense. We maintain a limited number of clients which allows me to personally handle all aspects of my clients' cases. I do not employee “associate” lawyers or law clerks. I do the heavy lifting myself. I pride myself on taking a vested interest on each and every case and provide unapparelled personal service my providing every client with my personal cell phone number to ensure that all questions and concerns are promptly addressed. Helping my clients successfully navigate the ruthless waters of the criminal justice system to obtain the best result possible is my greatest honor.

I have been designated a Board Certified Specialist in Criminal Law by the State Bar of Arizona. In Order to qualify for such distinction, an attorney must demonstrate the highest standards in experience, judgement, effectiveness, professionalism and ethics. As a Specialist, I have exhibited to my peers the highest degree of competence in the practice of Criminal Law. There is currently less than 65 Criminal Law Specialists practicing in Maricopa County. I have also conducted over 75 Jury Trials most of which involved challenging government expert witnesses and scientific evidence. Having practiced Criminal Law exclusively for over 20 years my reputation and experience are my client's greatest asset when entering the Courthouse.

My firm as successfully defended thousands of Criminal Cases in City, State and Federal Court ranging from simple traffic matters to very complex vehicular crimes, manslaughter and First-Degree Murder. Our last two Manslaughter cases ended in full and complete DISMISSALS due to my experience with accident reconstruction and expert medical witness cross examination.

I promise unsurpassed attention to your case. I understand the stress and impact of being accused of a crime and will not accept your case if I cannot devote the time and attention required to achieve the best possible result. I will tirelessly apply my training, experience and extensive knowledge of Criminal Law and fight for your rights and freedom until the case is resolved successfully.

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